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Infrared Thermography Level-II:

The training programme combines theoretical and practical activities blended together to provide a positive learning experience. The theoretical information is essential for understanding the real world problems that face thermographers in field today. This is combined with hands-on operator training that teaches how to use infrared instruments. Our trainer are highly qualified and experienced and they can teach you not only basic system operation, but also the finer points of your specific piece of equipment and give you the knowledge utilities the tools at your disposal.

You will also learn the principles behind the main applications of infrared thermography and study how industries incorporate this technology into different businesses.

Our trainer will teach how to create professional reports and the processes that are used by qualified thermographers. After completing the course you will have an understanding of the techniques and reporting procedures necessary to put together an effective predictive maintenance program. (This course is designed to meet and exceed ISO 18436 and the SNT-TC-1A recommended practices.) The course will be delivered by the institute of infrared thermography.

Main Application & benefit

  • quickly pinpointing problems
  • reducing downtime and equipment damage
  • preventing catastrophic failures
  • establishing repair priorities
  • improving preventive maintenance efficiency
  • testing under load to avoid costly shutdowns


Target audience for IR Thermography is the personnels working in Condition based maintenance, Research and development, Medical and veterinary, Quality control and process monitoring, Non destructive testing, Electrical maintenance, Building envelope and roof inspection, Furnaces and boilers, Mechanical and friction, Fluid flow problems, Liquid level indication in tanks and vessels and much more.

Course Content for Level 2:

  • Basic Calculations in the Three Modes of Heat Transfer
  • The Infrared Spectrum
  • Radiosity Problems
  • Radiation Laws
  • Emissivity Explained and Ways To Over Come Low Emissivity
  • Background Tem Setting and Ambient Temperature Explained
  • Camera Selection Parameter
  • Camera Performance Parameter
  • Resolution Tests and Calculations
  • Operating for Infrared Measurements (Quantification)
  • Operating for High Speed Data Collection
  • Types 0f Thermography
  • Active, Passive ,Pulsed Phase
  • Themogarhm Analysis
  • Electrical application
  • Honey Comb Application
  • Composite Application
  • Furnace Application
  • Process Industries Application
  • Transmission line Loss Application
  • Building Application
  • Mechanical Application
  • Report Writing and Documentation
  • Temperature Measurement Applications
  • Energy Loss Analysis Applications
  • “Active” Applications
  • Filtered Applications
  • Transient Applications

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