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CAT-I-Vibration Certification:

Course objective

The objectives of this course are to ensure delegates can operate portable instrumentation on pre-assigned or pre-programmed routes by down­loading the routes from computer to portable instruments; acquire readings from roving or permanently installed instrumentation; under­standing the importance of steady-state operating conditions and following pre-defined procedures and upload the results into a database. During data collection, the importance of recognising and avoidance of bad data is explained. After data collection and upload, delegates are shown how to compare overall (single value) measurements against pre-estab­lished alert settings; evaluate and report test results in accordance with instructions, and highlight areas for further investigation.

Course description

Certification to Category 1 will provide evidence of qualification and compe­tence for individuals to perform vibration measurements and basic analysis using appropriate sensors and equipment. This course is aimed at personnel wishing to achieve PCN certification in Vibration analysis Category 1, thereby qualifying the certificate holder to perform single-channel machinery vibration meas­urements according to established procedures.

  • Basics of vibration
  • Sensors & Instruments.
  • Set up the vibration measurement
  • Vibration signal processing methods

Designed For:

Condition Monitoring Engineers, maintenance supervisors, predictive maintenance coordina­tors, reliability engineers, who wish to become familiar with vibration monitoring and analysis.


Course Information


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